Catching Up

It’s been a whirlwind of a month or two. We put all our focus into getting ready for the Grand Opening on May 20th. If you missed it, you missed out! It was such a fun evening of wine, food, music, friends, talk and laughter. All topped with a gorgeous sunset.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Part of getting ready for the Grand Opening was finishing up the Moscato so we could bottle it (again), making sure our Riesling was also stable and ready for bottle. Painting inside and outside. Photo shoots. New website (isn’t it amazing! Thanks, Misfit Brands). Booking a food truck and live music, things I had never done before and turned out one of the easier things we had to get done. Create a White Sangria to serve as a drink special. Buy more glasses and still had friends who helped wash them as we ran out. Let’s not forget, spring pruning, furrowing, plowing, and tilling so we’d be ready to plant (more on that later). Taking care of all our critters, like our kids, dog, cat and chickens, and making sure everyone got along (a lot can go wrong with that combo).

Finally, the day of the Grand Opening came and thoughts of ‘What if no one comes?’ ‘What if no one likes the wine?’ ‘We spent all this time and money, and what if it flops?’ flowed through our minds as a few people trickled to the tasting room as the day wore on. Yet, as soon as 5:00pm hit, so did the people and it was nonstop! We appreciate each and every person who came. From friends, to co-workers, to neighbors and strangers. It was amazing how many people came and how much fun everyone had, including us! And while we had some technical issues with our register (working on a new system), we really could not have asked for a better Grand Opening. To top it all off, the sunset was amazing!

Now that it’s past, we’re working on catching up and planning what’s next. So as I finish up paperwork which I’ve avoided for about two months, I now get to start putting ideas to paper, dates on the calendar and feel the same questions creeping in ‘What if our next event doesn’t pan out?’ ‘What if…’ you get the idea. Truth is, as new business owners, new entrepreneurs, as a young family, there’s still a lot of unknowns and questions of ‘Can we make it?’ I’d like to think that this is how most people feel when they take a risk on their dreams, whatever they may be, you vacillate between wonder that you are living your dream and wondering how long it’ll last. It’s at the times of doubt I have to remind myself we’ve already been here a year! Can you believe it? We closed on the property May 25th and moved out here the first week of June last year. We’ve got one year under our belts and we are just getting going and we are thrilled you are a part of this with us!